Introducing Ban Nguyen Journey, an innovative game that will stimulate all your senses.  Beautifully done with captivating graphics and cool concepts, Journey takes you for a wild ride while rocking out to songs from the Ban Nguyen album.  Get the app for iPhone or Android OS.

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Almost a decade in the making, Ban Nguyen breaks the sonic barrier with rock, pop, jazz, and electronic influences.  Written by composers Nghia Do and Hoan Quan, Ban Nguyen contains 10 rocking tracks that gets your ears and heart pumping in all directions.  Get your copy today...for the complete Ban Nguyen experience, go to the official site:  

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​​Hi and thanks for visiting the queen bee's den. Always a trendsetting artist, Ha Tran's unique sound blends Vietnamese music with jazz, opera, pop, rock, electronic, and downtempo elements. Discover for yourself why she's one of Vietnam's top divas. Check back for updates, new releases, and special drops.

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